Learn how we keep people and assets safe throughout our safety-driven, data-based process.

When it comes to safety, you deserve action plans, not empty phrases. At Smart Chemical Logistics, safety is more than jargon. It is our guiding principle, core purpose, and No. 1 rule — part of our founder’s vision.

We work to eliminate work-related injuries, incidents, and motor carrier safety violations by educating employees, improving safety processes, and spreading awareness. Our employees are trained to practice safety and compliance in every aspect of their jobs.

Our Training Includes:

Hazardous materials general awareness, function specific tasks & security

Driver qualification / disqualification standards, hours of service & equipment inspections

Smith System Safe Driver Certification & PEC Safeland Certification

All employees have authority to cease operations if they think a job is hazardous or could result in a motor carrier safety violation. They’re directly involved in our safety program — providing input and suggestion ways to further our safety plans.

We believe you agree — nothing else matters unless every person who works with us or visits our sites makes it home safely each and every night. We are quick and precise but also safe as we shuttle your assets.

J. Cole Wadsworth | VP EHS | SCS